Keep Cool At Night With An Air Conditioned Mattress

Balluga The Worlds Smartest Bed
Balluga The World’s Smartest Bed

Sleepless Nights Could Be a Thing of The Past

We’ve all suffered from a lack of sleep during hot summer nights. With the arrival of a new mattress though, those days are gone.

Sleepless Nights Could Be a Thing of The Past

We’ve all suffered from a lack of sleep during hot summer nights. With the arrival of a new mattress though, those days are gone.

As the months go by, we can look forward to longer days and shorter nights. While that means that we’ll have a lot more sunshine, it also means that those hot, uncomfortable nights are just around the corner too. If you’re someone who just can’t get a good night’s sleep during the summer months, then you’re probably dreading the weather heating up. Now though, there could be a solution to the problems of sweaty, sleepless nights – and it’s all to do with your mattress.

Trying to Keep Cool

When it comes to staying cool and getting a good night’s sleep, there are endless pieces of advice out there. From cotton sheets to a frozen hot water bottle, we’ve all got our favourite ways of keeping cool. Some nights though, are just too hot to handle. No matter what you do, you just can’t cool down enough to get comfortable. If you’re dreading summer for this reason, listen up – because there’s a new bed in town that might just be the answer to your prayers.

The Coolest New Mattress

So what kind of mattress can help you to keep cool during the hottest summer nights? An innovative one, that’s for sure. The folks at Balluga have come up with a mattress that solves many nocturnal problems, including overheating. So how does it work? The bed uses ambient air that’s already in the room, and that then passes through the mattress, keeping you at exactly the right temperature.

According to Balluga, ‘a steady stream of air will keep your body at its optimum temperature throughout the night’. The Balluga mattress first attracted attention through its Kickstarter page, before being featured on many major news and consumer websites. Demand has risen and donations to get the project going have soared through the roof. As a result, the company have now made double their original goal – which means that the first beds could be ready as early as June.

Air Conditioning Helps Too

Of course, there are more efficient ways of keeping cool than by investing in a high tech mattress. Air conditioning is as popular an option as ever, and for good reason too. You don’t have to just stay in bed to keep cool – you can enjoy the perfect temperature in every room. Most modern offices have commercial air conditioning installed, but for homes there are many small portable options available. After all, opening a window is just going to let in more noise, fumes and hot air. So whether you’re heading straight to bed or just starting to wind down for the evening, you can do so in complete comfort. Now that’s a fool proof recipe for a good night’s sleep if ever we heard one!

What Will You Do Next?

Thanks to some innovative technology, sleepless summer nights could soon be a thing of the past. Whether you’re just treating yourself to a luxury bed or you’re planning to invest in some new air conditioning, you can be sure that no matter the weather, you’ll be sleeping through the night. So with summer fast approaching, you haven’t got any time to lose! Make some changes today – your body will certainly be thanking you for it come summer.

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